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Oil And Gas Royalties Interests | Mineral Rights Texas, Oklahoma - Pheasant Energy

Pheasant Energy is a Fort Worth based upstream oil and gas company.  

We primarily focus on the mineral and working interest side of the business.

We analyze a high rate of opportunities and transact faster than anyone in the industry.

We look forward to working with you.

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Pheasant Energy has roots back to the 1930's when the first oil and gas rights were purchased in the Moore Family, and was carried forward by J. Hiram Moore, Ltd. beginning in the 1950's. Pheasant Energy was formed in 2014 as a result of a division of J. Hiram Moore, Ltd. Pheasant not only continues to grow and expand on legacy assets, but also takes a strategic approach to acquisitions in multiple basins throughout the United States.

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Pheasant Resources is an expansion of Pheasant Energy's approach to acquisitions in today's energy market. Leading edge technology allows Pheasant Resources to quickly identify and execute in multiple basins simultaneously. This coupled with decades of industry relationships yields a platform for long term success.

MineralCentric is the division of Pheasant Energy that focuses on the management of oil and gas interests that the company does not have a direct interest in. There are many options for the interest owner in regards to lease, sale, or participation with their interests. The MineralCentric team ensures that the client always receives the best possible scenario.

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With the deep history in the oil and gas industry there are a number of legacy companies associated with Pheasant Energy. These include but are not limited to: Black Pheasant, LP, The Stephen Scott Moore Testamentary Trust, Ryan Moore SSMTT GST Exemption Trust, Ryan Moore SSMTT GST Non-Exemption Trust. All inquiries in relation to these entities should be directed to Pheasant Energy.