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Pheasant Energy

Executive Team

Ryan C. Moore | Founder & CEO

Moore, Ryan

Ryan C. Moore is the Founder and CEO of Pheasant Energy, as well as Co-Founder of Pheasant Resources. He formerly served as Chief Operating Officer for Moore Minerals, LC, a family office and mineral and royalty acquisition firm. Moore Minerals acted as the operating entity for a number of different subsidiaries, most notably J. Hiram Moore, Ltd. founded in the 1950's. As COO, Mr. Moore streamlined and revamped the land, revenue and financial outlay for over six thousand wells and mineral interests across sixteen states. These interests encompass the majority of the oil and gas producing basins in the U.S. With this extensive portfolio of mineral interests, royalty interests and non-operated working interests, Mr. Moore has experience and relationships with the majority of the operators and producers in the industry. Mr. Moore has also developed a series of diversification opportunities for the enterprise as well.  He currently serves on the board for EE Systems, Inc., a gas compression manufacturer as well as ZeoGas, LLC, a global methanol project, both based out of Houston, Texas.

J. Cheever Farley | Co-Founder & COO | Pheasant Resources

Cheever Farley is the Co-Founder & COO of Pheasant Resources. Mr. Farley oversees all of Pheasant's acquisitions and any subsequent divestitures. He has spent his career developing various opportunities in resource plays across the country. Prior to Pheasant Resources, Mr. Farley, through successful entrepreneurial ventures in VATEX Holdings and Deep Creek Resources, has successful acquired and divested of multiple leasehold, mineral and royalty, and working interest prospects. His experience in the mineral and royalty space, non-op working interests, fresh-water facilities, salt water disposal operations and real estate investment make him an invaluable member of the Pheasant team. Mr. Farley has been active in all major shale basins across the United Sates. He has an in-depth understanding of multiple segments of the oil and gas space as well as a large network of industry contacts. In addition, he also sits on the Board of Directors of the C Lazy T Ranch, a 100 year old working cattle ranch, located in Seymour, Texas as well as serving in a manager of a small family real estate company.

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Dan L. Hockenbrough | Chief Financial Officer

Hockenbrough, Dan BW.jpg

Dan L Hockenbrough is the CFO for both Pheasant Energy and Pheasant Resources.  Mr. Hockenbrough formerly served as Chief Financial Officer for a group of companies owned by the Moore family of Fort Worth, Texas. These companies focused primarily on investments of non-operating oil and gas interests. Mr. Hockenbrough has over thirty years of management experience in finance, accounting, and income tax. He has served both public (Coopers & Lybrand) and with various industry companies such as Halliburton Services and Hicks, Muse, Tate and Furst. He has extensive experience in the Private Equity, Leverage Buyout, Institutional, and Mutual Fund arenas. He was CEO and President of $1.5 billion mutual fund and held a number of securities licenses as President of a broker dealer.  He was also a partner in a prominent investment advisory firm. His expertise includes management of functions related to finance, cash flow management, reporting, tax, human resources, risk control, and compliance. He also has developed growth and performance techniques covering team building, accountability, analysis, creativity, networking, and communication. He is a CPA and a former CFP. He has a Masters in Taxation from Texas A&M and BBAs in finance and accounting.

Josh W. Randall | Senior Vice President | Engineering


Josh W. Randall is the Senior Vice President of Engineering for Pheasant Resources. Mr. Randall formerly served as a Senior Reservoir Engineer for Enduro Resource Partners, an exploration and production company with interests in the Williston Basin, Rockies, Texas and Louisiana. While at Enduro he focused primarily on reservoir characterization, reservoir optimization, field development, acquisitions, divestitures, and assisted in the annual budget and reserves process. Prior to Enduro, he served as a reservoir engineer at XTO Energy, subsidiary of ExxonMobil, for seven years in the Permian basin, becoming proficient at both waterflood and carbon dioxide management, field development, and economic analysis.  Mr. Randall has twelve years of experience in the oil and gas industry, and received his Bachelors of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Texas.

Simianne Johnson-Hayden | Senior Vice President | Geology & Geosciences


Simianne Hayden is the Senior Vice President of Geology & Geosciences for Pheasant Resources.  Prior to joining Pheasant Resources, Ms. Hayden served as Senior Petroleum Geologist to BOPCO LP, a private oil and gas company owned by the Bass family in Fort Worth, Texas.  She has over 28 years of experience as a Petroleum Geologist, primarily working in the Permian Basin.  Ms. Hayden has personally generated the geology, promoted the prospect, monitored drilling, logged and evaluated over 160 commercially successful wells with estimated reserves in excess of 10 MMBO and 120 BCF.  She has deep expertise in drilling operations, field evaluations, and reservoir management.  Ms. Hayden is a member of American Association of Petroleum Geologists, and holds memberships with the West Texas and Fort Worth Geological Societies.  She served as FWGS President 2000-2001.

Steven J. Sutton | Senior Landman | Mineral Manager

Steven J. Sutton is the Senior Landman and Mineral Manager for Pheasant Energy and Pheasant Resources. Mr. Sutton formerly served as Land Manager for Castell Oil Company, a private, independent oil and gas company focused on the acquisition, exploitation and development of oil and gas properties in the Anadarko, Powder River and Permian basins.  While at Castell he focused primarily on the acquisitions and divestitures in the Anadarko basin, alongside managing Castell’s land asset portfolio.  Prior to Castell, Mr. Sutton was previously a Senior Landman at ConocoPhillips, where he assisted in the exploration and development of key assets in the Delaware basin and Barnett Shale. His responsibilities included developing assets, regulatory compliance, protection of the assets and coring up key positions within the area of focus.  Mr. Sutton earned his Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a focus on Management Information Systems from Baylor University. He is a certified petroleum landman and is an active member of the American Association of Professional Landmen and various other local associations. 

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Casmir M. Mason | Vice President | Finance

Mason, Casmir BW.jpg

Casmir M. Mason is Vice President of Finance for both Pheasant Energy and Pheasant Resources. Mr. Mason previously served as an analyst for Moore Minerals, LC, a mineral and royalty acquisition firm with interest throughout the United States. Mr. Mason has recovered millions of dollars in revenue, analyzed potential acquisitions, and developed extensive economic models.  He graduated from Texas Christian University with a BBA in Finance and a minor in Energy Management and Technology. Mr. Mason graduated at the top of his class earning Cum Laude honors and was a member of the BNSF Next Generation of Leadership Program, a premier program of the Neeley School of Business. He has five years of work experience in both Finance and Land roles. Mr. Mason is a member of Young Professionals in Energy and the American Association of Professional Landmen.

Sara K. Carpenter | Office Manager | Land & Engineering

Sara K. Carpenter is the Office Manager and Land & Engineering Technician for both Pheasant Energy and Pheasant Resources.  Sara Carpenter served formerly as a Land & Engineering Technician for Moore Minerals, LC, a mineral and royalty acquisition firm with interests throughout the United States. At Pheasant, Mrs. Carpenter is responsible for the ongoing analysis and maintenance of the mineral/lease ownership of company properties and assisting senior staff in administrative land and engineering work. Mrs. Carpenter has over 7 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Business from Texas State University, and her Master of Business Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington. Prior to working at Moore Minerals, LP, Mrs. Carpenter worked at XTO Energy, subsidiary of ExxonMobil in both the Petroleum Engineering Technician and Environmental Specialist roles.